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I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation. Are we going to walk or drive? Tom watched TV yesterday. I am sorry I am late. I bought two bottles of milk. I saw him looking at me. I want some paper. Is this a safe area? Chicago is very different from Boston. This is what I found in the cave.
Norbit Movie: - I found it difficult to get along with my neighbor.
- She was the first one to help him.
- I can't figure out how to open this suitcase.
- She was making tea.
- Can you write it down for me please?
- We obeyed the rules.
- I don't remember seeing you two years ago.
- Tadpoles become frogs.
- One moment please.
- Pop. It's Mariah Carey.
I copied a passage from the book into my notebook. An important meeting is going on. The M.D. has asked us not to allow anybody inside. I'm afraid that you have to work overtime. She saw a tall man yesterday. Steve will get married to Nancy next week. Won't you come with me? When will he be back? He can also speak Russian. The girl insisted on going shopping with her mother. When are you coming back?

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