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That's an incredible story. No one is too old to learn. I never imagined anything like this. How many pencils do you have? Could we have a table outside? The Italian restaurant on 5th street. Tell me what to do. Where were you? Is it Welcome group of companies? Take care of yourselves!
Cmake: - She was looking forward to going to a movie with him.
- He beat the odds and was successful.
- Prophets have been forecasting the end of the world for centuries.
- No problem. I wanted to remind you that my friend is getting married next week. You're still coming to the wedding with me, right?
- It's fine by me if you want to...
- Where did you learn English?
- It's dark outside.
- He began to learn English.
- I am through with my work.
- I'll be back at six.
How many people? Leave my car alone. No one stops to listen to him. Take whichever you want. Just because he's rich, doesn't mean he's happy. I think it's time for me to call a doctor. The lake is deepest at this point. I'll show you around the town. If the phone rings again, I plan to ignore it. Do you have a ticket?

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